Monday, October 27, 2014

Bento for Baby 61: Yogurt and Zucchini and Rice Crostata

For morning snack on this day Baby Girl had some plain Greek yogurt and half a banana.  We made another of our favorite zucchini and rice crostatas for dinner the night before, so I gave Baby Girl a small piece for lunch the next day.  I also gave her a few slices of cucumber, a couple slices of apples, and some walnut pieces and quartered dried apricots.

Supplies similar to those used in this bento:


  1. I never heard of feeding walnuts to babies. Doesn't sound very "safe"!

    1. Well, my Baby Girl is now 20 months, so she's capable of eating all types of food. As for the "safety" of almonds, the AAP doesn't recommend delaying any foods other than honey and cow milk, unless there are allergies in the immediate family. I can understand having some concerns about children being able to chew nuts, but if they have all their teeth, have demonstrated the ability to eat them safely and are given in small pieces, I wouldn't have any concerns.

    2. I meant walnuts, not almonds in the above comment. But I give almonds too. Baby Girl loves all nuts.

  2. My comment was directed at giving walnuts to a "baby". A 20 month old with teeth is hardly a baby. This post alludes to feeding walnuts to a "baby girl" and is troublesome that even ONE person might read that and assume its okay to feed them to their BABY. Irresponsible post IMO. Can't be too careful when making suggestions.

    Back in the late 70s Tupperware home party sales associates had to stop suggesting cooking corn in the fix and mix bowl because there were people who only listened to part of the message and were trying to put the plastic bowl on a stove to cook corn!