Friday, May 9, 2014

Picnic Bento

Baby girl and I went on a picnic at the beautiful Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston with some friends this week.  It was kind of last minute, so I made a quick little bento lunch for her of some of her favorite foods.  I packed it in the largest container from the Kids Konserve Nesting Trio Stainless Steel Containers with Leak-Proof Lids.  I just got these containers a couple weeks ago and I really like them so far.  I got the plastic (BPA free) lids because I want her to be able to easily open them herself and for them to transport wet ingredients without leaking.  When she's older I'll probably buy containers with stainless steel lids.   Anyway, back to the bento!  I didn't get a great picture of the bento by itself before RM dug in, but it had half a banana, pear chunks in a silicone cup and Ak-Mak cracker sandwiches with organic natural peanut butter.  I just started buying this peanut butter, which contains only organic roasted peanuts and is dispensed directly from the peanut grinder.  I have no idea why I wasn't buying this previously.  Not only does it not contain the added sugar and palm oil that was in what I used to buy (Earth Fare store brand, organic, chunky), it tastes fantastic!  And it is the same price per pound.  I feel so silly for buying the other stuff all along.  Baby girl LOVES peanut butter, but her lunches for daycare have to be nut-free since a child at her school has the dreaded peanut allergy.  I got these Ak-Mak crackers as a concession to RM's apparent cracker obsession.  Are all babies naturally obsessed with crackers?  I've made a point of not giving them to her, but she's had them here and there at social gatherings.  Apparently once she tasted them, she had found her true love.  I have a box of stoned wheat crackers in the pantry from a party and she toddles over to the shelf, pulls out the box, brings it over to me and looks up at me with her giant brown eyes and shakes it at me, hoping that I will give her one.  It is very hard to resist those big brown eyes.  But crackers aren't really my idea of good baby food.  So I bought the Ak-Mak, which are organic and 100% whole wheat, as a concession.  They seem to be doing the trick.

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