Monday, May 19, 2014

Bento for Baby 3: Pizza Palmiers and Sunbutter Oatmeal Balls

On this day baby girl had two sun butter-oatmeal balls, pear chunks and sliced strawberries for morning snack.  I have loved nut butter-oatmeal balls since I was a little girl.  They were one of my favorite snacks, so I was really excited when baby girl got old enough to eat honey and chew oatmeal so that I could make them for her.  Her school is nut free, so I make them with sun butter, but they are still delicious!

For lunch I packed two "pizza palmiers," a creation of mine that that baby girl LOVES, organic chedder cheese cubes, pear chucks and a few sugar snap peas from our CSA share (Ambrose Family Farm).   I'll post the full recipe for pizza palmiers separately, but basically they are whole wheat pizza dough rolled out thinly, spread with spinach and other veggies, cheese (pretty much whatever you want to throw in there), rolled up, sliced and baked.  I think these are the perfect baby food - they're healthy, they freeze really well, and she loves them.  I can get her to eat any kind of vegetable if they are wrapped in pizza dough.  I give them to her straight out of the freezer when she's teething and the cold chewy dough soothes her gums. Or they are still tasty when I pack them for lunch they slowly thaw until lunchtime.  I've been feeding her these since she started out with baby led weaning.  They were easy for her to gum without any teeth, but she still loves them now that she has teeth.  I predict she'll still be eating them for many, many years.

These meals were packed in the small and medium Kids Konserve Nesting Trio Stainless Steel Containers with Leak-Proof Lids.

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