Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bento for Baby 22: Pancakes and Quinoa Cake

Pancakes, strawberries and sun butter oatmeal balls, oh my.  Baby Girl's breakfast is starting to feel a little stale.  She does eat a lot of different things for breakfast when she eats at home four days a week, so her meals aren't quite as redundant as it seems, but I do think I need to get cracking making a few more things to have in the freezer to pack for breakfast.   For lunch she had a quinoa cake and a little bit of leftover vinaigrette-based potato salad and some green beans from dinner the night before.   I also packed some edamame and a few sliced and pitted organic cherries.  This was packed in my favorite box, the small green tiffin from World Market.  Baby Girl loved her bento on this day and ate every little bit.

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